Earn Money With AdFly

AdF.ly is URL shortener that rewards the publishers of the shortened links by offering 50% of the advertising revenue.

A Publisher will earn money through AdF.ly by placing the shortened links on their website / blog / Facebook / Twitter etc. Each time when any of their visitors clicks on an AdF.ly link they will first view a full page advertisement for 5 seconds before being able to click a Skip Ad button and continue to their intended destination. We share this revenue with the Publisher of the link.

This app will allow you to quickly see your account stats, how much your have earned and create new links via your mobile or tablet while on the move!

This small size app expands adf.ly URLs. No need to wait for 5 seconds.
Adfly decoder app is listed in app hunt.

How to use?
Tap on any adf.ly URL anywhere in your phone and then select adfly decoder as shown in screenshots, then URL will be decoded and you will be redirected to the decoded URL. After installing, you can test the app by clicking any test URL.

Test URL 1: http://adf.ly/1nCa24
Test URL 2: http://adf.ly/1lziiZ
Test URL 3: http://adf.ly/HmtTG

Multiple URL Decoder:
You can also expand multiple URLs in a single tap. Just enter URLs line by line and tap decode. Done 🙂

Purchase Adfly Decoder Pro for more features.

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